Disgust as thieves try to steal items meant for vulnerable and elderly

Disgust as thieves try to steal items meant for vulnerable and elderly

THERE HAS been widespread disgust at the news that thieves attempted to steal a trolley-load of items which were meant to go to vulnerable and elderly people who were 'cocooning' themselves indoors.

The would-be-thieves were foiled by Gardaí after they stole the trolley from a supermarket and took it on a train, where they would presumably have kept the food and essential supplies for themselves.

The trolley had been set aside at a local Supervalu with the intention that the items would be delivered to the elderly and vulnerable who are cocooning-- namely, not leaving their house as they are more susceptible to the virus.

Many Irish shops have prioritised their delivery services to cater to those unable to leave the house.

No photo description available. The stolen trolley was full of essential supplies for people unable to leave their house (Garda Siochana Wicklow)

The foiled robbery took place in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, and Gardaí were able to catch the suspects and recover the trolley, laden with food for the vulnerable, on a DART train on the way to Bray, Co Wicklow.

Thankfully, the essential supplies made it to those in need after the slight detour.

A Garda spokesperson said of the incident:

"Bray Gardai recently recovered a shopping trolley full of goods that were taken from Supervalu, DunLaoighre that was due to be delivered to persons cocooning.

"The suspects brought full trolley on DART to Bray!"

They ended the message urging people to stay safe, and reminding would-be criminals that "we're still here".


The news brought widespread condemnation from locals, with some suggesting the suspects should be forced to work with the elderly as punishment-- however, one woman stated that justice could be served with "A good kick up the arse."