Yahoo Unveils LiveText A New Communicative App

Yahoo Unveils LiveText A New Communicative App

Yahoo has revealed a new app for smartphone users who want to share text and video with each other, but with a light twist—there’s no sound. The idea almost sounds absurd and as if it’s an oversight on the app developer’s part, but in reality, the whole idea is intentional. Yahoo notes that the concept is based on the idea of still using text and imagery without the hassle of nearby sound. It also challenges the user to convey his or her message without speaking.

The app is called LiveText and it’s quite possibly the next big thing in social messaging. Anthony Ha of TextCrunch reported, “So without audio, Cahan said the experience becomes simpler, with less stress — you’re more likely to start a quick video session even if you’re in the middle of something else, and even if there’s a lot of background noise. He compared it to text messaging, but with the additional emotional context (like actually laughing on screen rather than typing LOL).” The idea is enough to get tech junkies interested. The app has already been released in Hong Kong and should be making waves in other well-populated areas shortly.

The great news here is that tech and social media enthusiasts alike will have a new method of communication to work with. Some users may note slight similarities between LiveText and apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. The thing that will keep LiveText’s head above water is its friendly usability and the big name of Yahoo to back up its support. Ha reports, “Asked whether Yahoo sees this as a competitor to Snapchat, he said, ‘I don’t think so,’ because ‘people use lots of communication tools.’ If anything, he said this could take the place of regular texting.” It’s certainly a wide market that Yahoo is reaching out for.

Many various versions of communication has popped up over the years, and the only apps that seem to have survived are the ones that keep their concepts and innovations fresh. For instance, while Instagram features video sharing now, it’s only a new concept for the app by a couple of years. So it’ll be interesting to see how LiveText pushes forward in its mechanics and style over the next couple of months. Keep an eye out for your friends, they may no longer send you a snapchat or two, but you may soon start to get requests from them to join LiveText.

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