WWE Announces its First All-Women’s Pay-Per-View Event

WWE Announces its First All-Women’s Pay-Per-View Event

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans were given the news that the company will host its first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view event on October 28 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon, made the announcement Monday night during Raw, the company’s flagship show.

“It’s an honor beyond description, to be the one who gets to make these announcements,” McMahon stated in an interview with ESPN. “To be able to honor the memories and legacies of all of those women who have paved the way … [and] to represent them and this shared passion in what we do and what we love and what we’re all capable of, to me, it really demonstrates this moment of equality, not only for them, but for all of the young girls and women around the world.”

The pay-per-view, titled “Evolution,” is another milestone in the “Women’s Revolution,” a movement started by fans on social media in 2015 using #GiveDivasAChance.

After the hashtag became impossible for the company to ignore, it began to devote more screen time and storytelling for their female competitors.

Instead of women’s matches lasting a forlorn 30 seconds, they began to last almost as long as the men’s. Rather than sex appeal being the main asset to a female talent’s success, their ability to entertain inside and outside the ring became the determination between who earns opportunities and who does not.

In April 2016, the company began regarding women wrestlers as superstars, same as their male counterparts, rather than divas. That year also saw the first ever women’s match to main event a WWE pay-per-view.

This year, the revolution has built even more steam: the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match took place in January, world-class MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, joined the roster, and at WWE’s staple event, Wrestlemania, experts argue that the women stole the show.

Many of the accomplishments the women’s division has achieved the past few years is thanks to the fans standing up for the female talent. McMahon took time Monday to acknowledge and thank the fans for spearheading the movement.

“You demanded more opportunities for the women in WWE and you started a hashtag … that trended worldwide for three days, igniting a revolution across our industry and opening doors for women that some of them had only dreamed of,” McMahon told the thousands in attendance.

Fans and superstars took to social media to express their gratitude and excitement for the upcoming event.

Along with a pay-per-view purchase, Evolution will be available to watch on the WWE Network.