Winds of Change in Saudi Arabia: First Woman Elected to Serve on The Municipal Court

Winds of Change in Saudi Arabia: First Woman Elected to Serve on The Municipal Court

There are many changes going on in Saudi Arabia, especially within the last week. They have, for the first time, elected the first woman to serve on the municipal court. Not only did they elect one, but of the 979 women who ran for a position on the court, several were actually elected to the court, making this a huge change in Saudi Arabian women’s rights. It has not always been rosy looking in that area and for too many years, women have been oppressed in many different areas. Now is the time to change that, and make the country more equal in all aspects of the word.

This election of a number of women comes not too long after the large vote that was put in place to actually allow women to vote. While there may only be around 130,000 women who are currently registered to vote, in comparison to over one million men, it is still a huge step forward in the country and especially in women’s relations. They may not be able to drive still, but they now have a say in who can be elected, as well as running themselves if they so choose.

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Even in some of the most remote parts of the country, and the most conservative, there were at least two women who were elected to hold a seat on the municipal court. This is great news for women across the country, because they may be able to finally start having more say in their own lives, as well as the communities that they live in. This newest election is being hailed as a landmark election, as it is the first that was held following the new law being put into place. People can only hope that this bodes well for the future of politics and women in politics in Saudi Arabia.

There is still much progress that needs to be made in Saudi Arabia to ensure that there are more and better rights being given to women. One day in the future, we could very well see them being able to drive, but until that day arrives, we can at least look on in excitement for all of those brave women who now have the chance to vote and to run for municipal court seats, that would have been denied to them not that long ago.