Windows 10 Will Be Available on July 29th

Windows 10 Will Be Available on July 29th

the Microsoft has finally announced the date of release for its latest windows version namely the Windows 10. The following article compiles some of the unique features that this new operating system is offering.

The release of windows 10 is finally around the corner and the Microsoft has officially announced the release date of the windows 10. The much awaited date that is announced is July 29, 2015. This is great news for 1.5 billion users of the windows in 190 different countries worldwide. Microsoft has skipped the windows 9 and headed straight to windows 10 that was much of a surprise for most people and Microsoft was unable to answer clearly in this particular regard. Another thing which is also of much importance is that this would be the last version of the Windows. It means there would be no windows 11 and the windows 10 would be the last in this series. After windows 10 this operating system will simply become subscription service or more appropriately the Windows Subscription Service.

As the new windows 10 is finally releasing, the Microsoft has announced some new features which this new operating system is offering.  Some of these unique features of the windows 10 are given below.

  1. Windows 7 is by far the fastest version of windows released by the Microsoft with Quick Startup and Resume options.
  2. It can also be termed as the most secure operating system in this series and includes the windows Defender for free anti malware protection. It will also provide the free security updates for the supported lifetime of that particular device.
  3. The windows 10 is coming with an all new browser known as the Microsoft Edge which will help the users browse the internet in new ways. It will offer the built-in commenting on the internet through typing or inking and reading a view that will make the reading web pages much easier and faster. It is specifically designed to provide the quick results on the basis of the users preferences and interests due to integration of the Cortana in the browser.
  4. The windows 10 will come with a full featured office 2016 desktop suite. The new windows 10 users will also experience the new universal windows application for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, all separately available.
  5. Windows 10 will come with an all new gaming experience with the amazing feature of Xbox live and the integrated Xbox App. This feature will allow you to communicate with your friends on windows 10 PCs and Xbox one, while playing. The PC games developed for the DirectX 12 will see a significant improvement in speed, graphics capability and efficiency.
  6. Windows hello is another new great feature that will greet you by name and with a smile you can log in your device without any password. With this feature biometric authentication of the face, finger or iris has become utterly simple.

In addition to this windows 10 is also offering a number of other totally unique features which makes it amazingly better than the previous windows versions i.e. windows 7, windows 8 and even Windows 8.1.

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