Windows 10 Installed On 14 Million Devices Since Launched

Windows 10 Installed On 14 Million Devices Since Launched

14 million is the number of devices Windows 10 is already installed on within the first 24 hours of the launch. Microsoft looking to get the software installed on a billion devices this time by 2018 has had a huge success and has got a blazing start to their campaign. Microsoft initiated the launch of Windows 10 this Wednesday and by Thursday evening Microsoft reported the amazing news of 14 million installations. Quite a huge start towards the landmark of 1 billion isn’t it!

Microsoft has received extremely positive response from those who have upgraded to Windows 10. With amazing reviews and positive customer feedback, Microsoft is definitely jubilant at its great success. With 14 million installations within 24 hours, the software is in great demand as millions have already reserved their upgrade. Microsoft is working tirelessly and quite intelligently in the rolling out process of the upgradation process. Rolling out of Windows 10 upgrade is being done in phases.


Corporate Vice President for Windows and Devices Group, Yousef Mehdi shared his views in a blog post stating, “As we’ve shared, our top priority has been ensuring that everyone has a great upgrade experience, so, we are carefully rolling out Windows 10 in phases,Rest assured we are working 24×7 to continue the upgrade process. We are grateful for your excitement and enthusiasm and we appreciate your patience over the days and weeks ahead as we carefully roll out Windows 10 in phases to all of you that have reserved”. This statement clearly depicts the excitement throughout the world pertaining to the upgrade process.

Exciting new features with a blend of best features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8 makes Windows 10 all the more desirable. That boring Internet Explorer is no more, the new web browser coming with Windows 10 is Edge and it would be interesting to hear what people have to say about this refreshing change. Cortana is the virtual personal assistant coming with Windows 10 which is awesome: it comes to know your preferences and provides you suggestions along with popping up notifications.Changes have been made to the start menu with live tiles and navigation panel from Windows 8 and Windows 7 respectively.


Continuum feature in the Windows 10 chooses the most suited mode and detects whether there is a keyboard attached or not. Face recognition system and Task View are also some exciting features of this amazing software.There will not be a separate Windows 10 operating system for Windows phones, PCs and Xbox unlike previous versions. This is the only Operating System which will work across all the Windows platforms.

Microsoft had given the opportunity to its Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7 users to reserve their Windows 10 upgrade prior to the build-up for the update. Millions of users reserved their upgrade and are now receiving the notification for their upgrade. Those who haven’t yet received their notification need to just relax, Microsoft is working on rolling out the upgrade in phases and your will come soon.

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