What To Expect From The Dish T-Mobile Merger

What To Expect From The Dish T-Mobile Merger

The wall street journal has recently published a report disclosing a deal for the merger between the worlds no.3 telecommunications company T-Mobile and world no.2 satellite company. The following article compiles some of the expected benefits this industry will get as a result of this union.

Dish network is a direct broadcast satellite service provider of the America. There are numerous services that are offered by the dish network including the satellite television, satellite internet, interactive television services and audio programming to both the residential and commercial customers in the United States. The company has some 13.8 million subscribers as of may 2015 and has almost 19000 employees. The company is headquartered in the Meridian, Colorado.

The dish network has recently been a hot topic in the news when The Wall Street Journal has reported that Dish network have begun talks with the T mobile for a merger of the two enterprises. T mobile International AG is Telecommunication Company based in Bonn, Germany which operates GSM, UMTS and LTE based cellular networks through its subsidiaries and provide services in the United States, Europe, Puerto Rico and The U.S Virgin islands. The company also has financial stakes in mobile operators in both eastern and central Europe.

Hopes are very high for the 56.8 million T-mobile users as two of the most inspiring CEOs in the business are talking a merger of their enterprises.  The merger of the no.3 telecommunications company with the no. 2 satellite company will generate a wireless powerhouse providing all kind of services like broadband, voice services and packaging videos and may even compete with the cable. The millions of T- mobile’s, cell phone users are eyeing a reasonable deal of the dish’s sling TV streaming services.

The dish TV would also be able to harness the benefits of this merger by building the sling into a highly efficacious ad platform where the ad marketers would be able to target the viewers or audience of their particular interests based on their location and other factors involved.

In his statement regarding this landmark merger the Brean capital’s Todd Mitchell says “At scale this could generate very high CPMs [unit prices] for programmers, which should help Dish to secure content for Sling TV at highly competitive costs.”

In another statement about this union Guggenheim Partners’ Paul Gallant says. “Adding Dish’s spectrum and video assets/expertise would clearly make T-Mobile a more formidable competitor.”

The merger may lead to an even more interesting perspective that this Dish T-mobile union may even lead to a mega-merger which involves a giant cable operator or internet company possibly the Google or Microsoft.

This union has suggested that this is now just a matter of time before a big cable operator is going to challenge the AT&T and Verizon in the wireless.

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