What and What not to expect in the new iPhone 7

What and What not to expect in the new iPhone 7

The release of new iPhone 7 is a much discussed topic these days as it is about time for the Apple Inc. to announce the release of next iPhone. The following article sums up a rough perception of the features, appearance, release dates of this new phone based on the online rumors and evidence.

The release of new versions of iPhone remains a topic of extensive discussions among the iPhone users and is subjected to widespread rumors before its release. The release of iPhone 7 is an extremely hot topic these days and there are a lot of rumors about its features and appearance among the iPhone lovers. It has been 8 months since the release of the latest version in the iPhone series namely iPhone 6 and it is about time for the Apple Inc. to announce the release of new version in this series, the iPhone 7. And as it was expected the internet is fully loaded with the rumors about the appearance, features, specifications and the release dates of this new iPhone.

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So what can we expect in the new iPhone? We can surely expect a next generation iPhone 7 but it is hard to establish any solid speculation about the features, appearance and the release dates of this new phone. But what we can do is to gather the evidence available there on the web and sum up a rough perception of the new iPhone.


We are going to sum up the verdict on iPhone 7 in the following section.

  1. Apple will most probably launch one or two iPhone in the mid September 2015 like they do every year. The rumors have also included august 2015 as the launching month for iPhone 7 but September seems more convincing.
  2. According to the rumors floating online on the web the iPhone 7 is most likely to have a 4.7-inch and the iPhone 7 plus will have a dimension of 5.5-inch.
  3. iPhone 7 wouldn’t be a fat phone at all but we cannot think there is any need to significantly reduce the thickness in the next iPhone. It may have almost the same dimensions as the previous versions.
  4. The problem which is of much concern among the users of iPhone is the battery timing and we can expect an improved battery life but not significantly as we have seen in the previous iPhone.
  5. Another thing that we can expect in the iPhone 7 is a higher screen resolution than the iPhone 6 or even iPhone 6 Plus. And a harder screen material may also be deemed much likely in the next iPhone.
  6. In the camera department we are expecting a dual lens camera which will be offering a DSLR-like picture quality. This possibility seems highly convincing as the Apple Inc. selects this as a key area for every new iPhone.

And there are some other rumors out there that include curved or flexible iPhone, 3D screen, Curved display, wireless charging or joysticks in home button but these are not convincing at all and we can easily rule out these possibilities in our final verdict for the iPhone 7.