UK Royals Release First Official Princess Charlotte Photos

UK Royals Release First Official Princess Charlotte Photos

Born on May 2, 2015 the baby kid’s name was registered as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. She is fourth on the list to the throne. The royal family of Great Britain has officially released the first photographs of the youngest child of the family.  The royal baby named Princess Charlotte is the Princess of Cambridge. The world has seen the baby princess playing in the hands of her elder brother Prince George of the Cambridge. The photos of the royal kids were released onto Twitter by the Kensington Palace account.

The photographs show Princess Charlotte cradled by her elder brother Prince George, the children of Duke of Cambridge William and the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. The beautiful Prince George smiling in the camera holding her little sister looks adorable in the photographs.

The photos were taken by the Duchess Catherine herself in Anmer Hall in the mid May. Charlotte was born on May 2nd this year and the world had been waiting for the next glimpse of the royal beauty. People’s wait was finally over when the royal house of the United Kingdom released four photographs of such an adorable pair of brother and sister. They looked stunningly beautiful and the dresses they were wearing made them even cuter.

In the photographs released the Princess is cradled by George, both wearing white and in one of the images the prince is kissing the forehead of her adorable little sister who has just turned a month on June 02, 2015.


The interesting thing regarding these photos is that these were taken by the Duchess as photography is one of her hobbies. The photographs seem so professional that people won’t even find out that it was just the work of a non-professional photographer. The Duchess seems to be quite a wonderful photographer after taking these shots. The tradition of taking photographs of the royal family by any family member started when Michael Middleton, the grandfather of Prince George took the photograph of Prince George. This tradition seems interesting and logical as the babies feel relaxed and comfortable with their family members around. If it was up to a professional photographer and not the mother herself, the kids would never had given such priceless expressions.


With the photos released, the people are already waiting for the next photographs of the adorable young brother and sister.  This wish of theirs however, will come true when Prince George will be christened on 5th of July in St Mary Magdalene Church.

The toddler, Prince George of Cambridge seems to be enjoying the recent addition to his family. The future King absolutely loves her younger sister as is obvious in the photographs. The entire world adores the beauty and cuteness of the lovely royal children. With the kids growing, the world prays for the better understanding and strong bonding between the two to set examples for the residents of not just the United Kingdom but the whole world.