UberEvents is the latest way to host the best party ever!

UberEvents is the latest way to host the best party ever!

What’s the most frustrating thing about hosting a party, besides having to clean up at the end of the night? Well, if you answered, “making sure everyone gets home okay,” then congratulations, you are officially someone who has hosted a party.

Uber, the ever-growing popular faux-taxi service has announced a new program in which you can pre-pay for a bulk of Uber rides for your party guests. It’s really quite simple: You use UberEvent’s website to pre-purchase a select number of rides. You get a code that you hand out to your party guests. At the end of the night, your guests can use the Uber app on their smartphone to cash in the Uber ride home. Your party guests don’t have to pay a dime and best of all, they’ll know it was you that supplied them with reliable after-party transportation.

This is a great incentive because it encourages safe driving. More than likely, there was enough drinking at your party to ensure that most guests shouldn’t be allowed to drive home. UberEvents gets everyone home safely and doubles as a kind party favor to say “thanks for coming,” to all of your valued guests. After all, getting a taxi late at night when your party might be ending can be a pain. Uber has been known for its competitively reliable service compared to most taxi services.


As reported on TechCrunch, Uber’s Senior Marketing Manager KimikoNinomiya announced, “When planning a company happy hour, client appreciation dinner, or even upcoming nuptials, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch—including how your guests can safely get to and from without any fuss.” UberEvents is having a soft premier in New York City, one of the busiest places in the world for parties, social functions and business meetings of all kinds. The promo code supplied will ensure that no matter what the reason may be, your guests will be satisfied with a complimentary ride home that’s safe, reliable and best of all, free. It’s only a matter of time before UberEvents rolls out into other parts of the country. Surely the promotion would be beneficial in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as smaller towns that don’t have a lot of walkways for pedestrians late at night. Whatever the case may be, it’s surely great news to see Uber always growing, considering their consistent quality over the years.

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