The New iOS 9 Is Better Than Ever!

The New iOS 9 Is Better Than Ever!

The iOS 9 has been revealed in last week’s WWDC 2015, where Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed everything audiences have been clamoring to know when it comes to the latest release of Apple’s iPhone software. The iPhone has revolutionized the way users think about smartphones for the last several years, and with details of the next installment of the pocket computer’s operating system, things don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

One of the most fascinating twists to Apple’s announcement of the ninth operating system is that the previously supported iOS 8 users will not be left out of the dark. This is typically unheard of at Apple, who is notorious for dropping older models with new updates for the sake of forcing updates for those looking to stay up to date with their device’s compatibility. Is Apple’s heart softening to older iPhone users, or is this just a one-time thing? Considering the iPhone 6 sold considerably well, Tim Cook might not be completely worried about selling any more units at this moment.

In addition to extending the use of older iPhone models, the battery itself of the iPhone 6 will make significant improvement with the latest update. Tech2 news staff reports, “iOS 9 adds one hour of additional battery life to the iPhone.” Tech2 also notes that there’s a new feature called “low power mode,” that also adds an additional three hours to the battery’s life. This is truly great news for iPhone users, and other smartphone users such as Android, who often complain about battery life being so difficult to work with.

One of the most interesting reports concerning the iOS 9 is the confirmation of Apple’s Proactive Assistant. Zach Epstein of BGR “Siri was dramatically improved in iOS 8, but Siri will be turbo-charged in iOS 9. Most importantly, Apple has added new “Proactive Assistant” features to Siri in iOS 9. This means that like Google Now, Siri will proactively serve up information and perform functions without any action taken by the user.” Epstein also notes that Siri understands context now. If you have an email open, for example, you can refer to that email rather than make specific claims: “So if you’re looking at an email you can open Siri and say, “remind me about this later,” and Siri will create a reminder that opens the appropriate email.” iOS 9 is certainly shaping up to be a major improvement for iPhone users. It’ll be interesting to see how users react when the product is released this fall.

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