Angola Biggest Partnership To Boost Agriculture Sector.

Angola Biggest Partnership To Boost Agriculture Sector.

Japan intends to contribute to Angola’s economic production and diversify her  agricultural sector in the process. This a Japanese official in an audience with the Angolan National Assembly Speaker, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos mentioned.

Measures were taken by a Japanese delegation in this regard with the Angolan National Reserve Bank (BNA) governor, José de Lima Massano, and the commissioner for Angola’s international exhibitions participation, Albina Assis.

The Angolan-Japanese Parliamentary Committee of Friendship was established about ten years ago. However, diplomatic relations between both countries were established in September 1976.

This bi-lateral relation has greatly benefited both nations as Japan has developed several projects in Angola, in the areas of demining, infrastructures, energy, agriculture, education and health. Angola on the hand, has been importing goods like motor-cars, steel and other machinery items from Japan.

Japan also benefits from Angola’s crude oil and other raw materials and has decided to tighten her friendship with this nation as a means of fostering international trade which consequentially will enable Angola to benefit in the process by upgrading her agricultural sector and technology.

In an audience with Yoshitaka Sakuranda, he requested Angola’s support for his country to organise the 2025 universal exposition (Expo2025). Hosting such an international event will be a huge selection amongst other projects come November 2018. He added that agriculture continues to be the main area of co-operation between both countries and Japan is willing to strengthen it further.

Conclusively, both nations benefit from each other and bi-lateral ties continue to be tightened between both parties. Expectations are high towards future endeavours coming from both nations.