The iPod Touch is Back

The iPod Touch is Back

In a move that’s sure to be considered risky, Apple has decided to release an updated version of the iPod Touch. This comes as a shock since it happens to be the first upgrade in the last three years, and Apple is notorious for its routine annual updates for its other products such as the iPhone and MacBook Pro.  What’s fascinating and great about this story is that it shows Apple has not yet given up on the idea of a personal mp3 player. If you are an iPhone user, you essentially already have an iPod Touch that can make phone calls too. However, if you’re an Android junkie or cannot afford a pricey smartphone, then the new iPod Touch is a great addition to your pocket.

With Apple’s latest Music feature, the iPod Touch has never been better. Now you can subscribe the 10 dollars a month service and receive an unlimited source of music at your fingertip. You can also access the App store and download all of the apps that iPhone users enjoy.


Pricing is what it comes down to. Apple has now updated users that cannot afford a monthly service with an iPhone, which can soar past 100 dollars a month! The Associated Press reports, “Prices for the Touch start at $199, the same as an iPhone 6 with a two-year service contract, but the iPod Touch requires no monthly service fees for voice, text and data. Calling is possible over WiFi through FaceTime audio and video conferencing. Without a contract, an iPhone 6 starts at $649, compared with a few hundred dollars for some Android smartphones.” You can still store music on the new iPod Touch, so if you’re not interested in the 10 dollar subscription, you can still transfer all of your previously purchased MP3’s to your new device.

For users with a lot more music than the average listener, Apple has also introduced the first Touch with 128 GB, the hard drive space that was previously reserved for the now-defunct iPod Classic. It’s great to see Apple finally throwing a bone to fans that want the same functions as the iPhone users, but without the hassle of contracts and sky rocketing monthly bills. Now, you can have a cheaper iPhone Touch, use it like an iPhone, and have a cheap prepaid phone for phone calls as well. In the end, you’ll save tons, and have the exact same features.

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