The Galaxy Note 5 Poised To Be The Next Big Smartphone

The Galaxy Note 5 Poised To Be The Next Big Smartphone

Samsung held a press conference on August 13th, 2015 to reveal some new information about the next Galaxy Note, labeled number 5 in the production line. What’s fascinating is there was a giant leak that spoiled a lot of what they would go over, so fans got a sneak peak way in advance on what the Galaxy Note 5 may look like when it is finally released. One notable change is a curved back, which as Brandon Russell of Techno Buffalo reports, “Although the screen isn’t curved, the back of the phone might featured slightly curved edges, which could do wonders for how the phone fits in your hand.

The curve is seemingly there to feel more natural while holding the device, making the larger size easier to manage.” What this could mean to smartphone designs is interesting, although it’s safe to say we’re speculating. Smartphones have become arbitrarily different sizes over the years. Back in the mid-2000’s, the coolest thing to have was a tiny phone. Phones kept getting smaller and smaller. For instance, the Motorola Razr boasted a thin, razor-like design. Now, the most profitable phones are the largest phones, such as the Galaxy Note 4 and now 5, along with the infamous iPhone 6 Plus.


One thing that smartphones are notoriously criticized over is their oftentimes-poor battery life. The Samsung Galaxy 5 doesn’t show much promise of improvement in this area. CNN Money reported shortly after the Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled that while the battery doesn’t currently appear to be anything spectacular that, “sometimes software upgrades can improve battery-life more than smaller batteries shorten it. But Samsung also said its wireless charging has improved so that a full charge takes two hours now instead of three. If you use a cord, expect to wait an hour and a half.” So charging your battery will be quicker now, so there is hope after all! The entire reveal of the Galaxy Note 5 is exciting news because it means the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus will finally have a run for its money.

It’s always fascinating to see what products consumers remain loyal to when several upgrades have been made to one device over the other. Check out the latest features for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, and see whether you’ll ditch your Apple for this innovative line in smartphone technology.