Store Your Images For Free With Google Photos

Store Your Images For Free With Google Photos

Tired of keeping your unlimited collection photos and videos safe? Thinking of finding easy and new ways to store your photos? Not been able to keep track of all your videos and photos collections, running out of memory on your mobile phones and PCs?

Google as always has come to your rescue. No need to worry about your photos now, Google developers’ conference has announced the launch of its new app named Google Photos. This is a single platform for all your photos and videos which you can access with ease and comfort from all your devices. This amazing app comes with a user-friendly interface and no charges to worry about! No need to worry about making albums to keep your collections organized. Google Photos automatically organizes your photos to relive your nostalgic past with easy searching.

The first of its kind photo app, Google Photos comes with an unlimited free online storage. ‘Google Photos’ reduces the size of your large photos and re-encodes them into 16 mega pixels with the focus being on image quality and not on the type or file size. Feeling somewhat confused? No need to worry, no one would be able to recognize any difference between the original photo and the new one, the quality would almost be the same even on zooming.

Another prominent feature of Google Photos is its ability to back up your files using hard drive or a google drive. However, this won’t be done automatically. A formidable feature of this app is its ability to scan the photos. By scanning the photos, Google Photos will be able to recognize the people or place: people having a lot of photos will get a tag from this app and same with the location. It relies of facial recognition to assign a tag to a person having a number of photos, also it can recognize people at different ages and indexes your photos accordingly in a proper sequence. Furthermore, Google photos can even recognize a number of animals and also 250,000 landscapes. It can add the location to your photos even without the location data turned on.

Another handy feature of the app is the search option. You can search for your old nostalgic photos using this app. Google Photos can be used if you want to edit your photos, the app has a better understanding of what you are trying to do. For example if you want the vignette effect or darken or lighten your photo, the app will take into account the humans in the photo. This amazing app knows when to add panoramic effect even if you forgot to change the settings to panoramic view.

There is an Assistant View where we create and suggest new and nostalgic stories or collage with your photos or videos. You can edit or remove this if you want. You can create a link to share whatever you want with your loved ones. He/she can save these photos or videos with a single tap without having to worry about logging in or create an account to see what you have shared. Available on Android, ios and web this application promises a lot. It will take only a split second to fall in love with such a beautiful app.



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