Sony Music’s CEO Reveals New Apple Streaming Music Service

Sony Music’s CEO Reveals New Apple Streaming Music Service

The CEO of Sony Music entertainment has announced in an interview at midem in Cannes that the Apple is launching its new streaming music services in collaboration with the Sony music. The following article is an account of the Doug Morris’ interview in which he reveals this new Apple service.

In the recent years the Apple has experienced that there is a significant drop in the digital music download business that it had introduced a decade ago and the customers are now shifting towards the streaming music and the Apple customers were long expecting that the company will introduce its new Apple Music Service about which a lot of rumored details were floating on the internet for a long time now.

This discussion has taken a new turn when the Sony music CEO Doug Morris said in an interview that the Apple Inc. will announce its new music streaming service in its World Wide Developers Conference that begins tomorrow at San Francisco’s Moscone west tomorrow. And these words have come from a person whose collaboration is essential for the apple to launch such a service. Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate which is headquartered in Koan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

“It’s happening tomorrow,” He said in an interview at midem in Cannes. However there are still indications that the revenue sharing is still being discussed between the two companies and an agreement is yet to be reached in this new partnership of streaming music service.

Now there is a lot of discussion going around about the price of this new service as Mr. Morris did not reveal any details about the pricing of this new service. Either it will be advertisement supported (which is very less likely) or it will be a priced service. Much of the people are expecting it to be priced around 9.99$ per month as company’s standard suggests so. The service will be including the curation by a lot of popular DJs and top musicians which will help the users discover some new music.

This introduction of the new streaming service by the Apple is expected to significantly accelerate the shifting of customers to streaming music as the 600 million apple customers will have instant access to this new music service. Mr. Morris has rendered this new service a “Tipping Point” for the industry.

Expectations are that the Apple is going to advertise this new service vigorously and if apple succeeds in delivering an effective steaming service, the 800 million credit cards in the iTunes will make it a huge success for the Apple inc. and Sony music entertainment.

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