Singapore : Self-driving Buses trials starting in 2016.

Singapore : Self-driving Buses trials starting in 2016.

Singapore is the land of luxury and innovations. Just this week, there was an announcement in regards to their new plans for a self-driving bus in the city-state. Who would have thought that there would be such an exciting invention? The good news comes with the prospect of these trials starting in 2016, and there are of course certain things to be considered. But all in all, this is a great step in terms of transportation and innovation.

The idea of a self driving bus may seem strange, but it is a large step in terms of science and technology throughout the entire world. Just this June, the government was asking different companies to propose many different ideas for how this idea and great invention would work. The technique of how to get it to drive on its own and how the operation of the entire bus will work was on their agenda of things to work out.

The good news of this new venture will come in terms of the trial period. The government has set aside a large stretch of about six kilometers that will be used for the buses to actually run on before they hit the actual streets. The hope is that these new self driving buses will run on a fixed route in the city and run on a more scheduled time. This will help to fix some of the public transportation problems that can be found with buses in any city.

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The government of Singapore has also looked into other self driving automobiles, such as golf carts and cars. Their hope is to help out the terrible traffic that can be found in the city and causes many traffic jams and a lot of pollution. The good news that comes with self driving vehicles also means that the people in the cars are less liable to get in some sort of an accident nor will they need to pay as much attention to their driving. And with so many people running on busy schedules, this could be great news for everyone.

Whenever the idea of self driving buses or cars hits the streets for sure, the people will rejoice at the good news. While it may start off with buses for now, who is to say that in the future there will not be more cars on the road that essentially drive themselves? That is certainly something to look forward to.

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