Samsung Treating Its Cancer Patients

Samsung Treating Its Cancer Patients

Oversea Samsung factory workers have been diagnosed, one after another, after prolonged exposure to radiation in the factories in the last several years. At least 200 workers have apparently contracted cancer do to hazardous working conditions, with 70-ish to have died from the cancer already.

Samsung has issued a timely apology with a stern statement that they will make amends for these working conditions, such as improving the health and safety of the factories for the working conditions of its own staff. Now, they have recently announced there will be compensation in terms of medical bills paid directly from the brand’s payroll. In other words, they’re doing something about all of that cancer they caused.

As Michael Moore of TechWeek Europe announced, “Many of these workers have lodged complaints and lawsuits against the company, alleging that diseases such as lymphoma and leukemia were caused by prolonged exposure to radiation or dangerous chemicals used in Samsung’s factories.” Samsung’s apologies didn’t mean very much to the cancer patients, much less the ones who unfortunately passed, but Samsung has just recently decided to cover the medical expenses of these patients. Well, aren’t they kind.

This move will cost the company 86 million dollars, although its uncertain whether this number is for the hospital bills or also includes the incredible amount of compensation Samsung should pay these families for their obvious blunder.


            Stan Schroder of Mashable announced, “In May 2014, Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun apologized for deaths and illnesses of workers at the company’s factories. He then said Samsung “should have settled the issue earlier” and is planning “appropriate compensation” to those who were affected.” Here we are, over a year later, and they’ve finally starting shelling out some cash for the misfortune of their already criminally underpaid factory workers.

So the great news here is that Kwon Oh-hyun and the other major players at Samsung are finally answering for their negligence and mistreatment of hard working citizens. It’s always nice to see when the little guy wins out over the big name CEO’s that don’t take precautionary measures to ensure their factory workers don’t get exposed to cancer-making radiations. It’s one of those things that should not only call for appropriate compensation, but also the resignation of said-CEO.

Time will tell what happens to the company and whether Samsung users will actually care enough to protest the entire situation. 200 cancer patients is a lot, and by the fatality figures, perhaps 86 million dollars isn’t quite enough.

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