Samsung Smart TV Let You Pay For Staff Directly From Your TV

Samsung Smart TV Let You Pay For Staff Directly From Your TV

Samsung the smartphone giant does it again. Making lives easier for a number of years now, Samsung has announced another great news for it loyal customers. Gone are the days when you had to worry about making purchase particularly the in-app purchases. Always comforting its customers, Samsung has declared the launch of TV based payment service for purchases. The tech-giant is on the verge of disclosing its new Smart TV service which would support almost all billing options for making purchases for apps and games like Deer Hunter, World Casino Championship etc.PayPal and all other mobile payment services including all the credit cards have already shown their interest in this new service thereby terms have been decided between them and the Korean Tech giant.


How often have you wanted to purchase something but not felt like pulling out your wallet? Well, Samsung has made your dream come true. Just sit by your TV without having to worry for anything else, just order what you like from your Samsung Smart TV.If you already have a PayPal or any other mobile billing payment account attached to your Samsung account then making purchases is as simple as a pie from your very own Samsung Smart TV. However, one thing to make sure of is that you own a recent model of Samsung Smart TV (2014 or 2015).

Purchasing your favourite apps, games, books or movies was never so easy but thanks to Samsung, making a purchase is as simple as ABC.Simple three step method and there you have it purchased. Choose the item you want to purchase, select the ‘pay now’ button and enter the four-digit pin and its done and dusted.


No need to register for the service if you are already having a Samsung device. You just have to make a simple transfer from your device to Smart TV and it would work fine. Samsung has utilized Secure Keyboard to secure your account’s information which is quite astonishing. Starting with 32 countries and availability limited to only 2014 and 2015 models of Samsung Smart TV, the service starting in 2015 is expected to be smooth however it will accept different payment methods from country to country.

With the service expected to go live in September, Samsung Pay is considered to be a tough competitor for other services of similar nature like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The launch of Samsung Smart TV contactless payment service was decided in the Mobile World Congress in March this year. However the exact date of the launch is still not clear but most probably it would be somewhere around September, 2015.

With enhanced security and smooth contactless payment, Samsung Pay is already being considered a huge blockbuster. Having caught the attention of the tech world, Samsung Smart Pay would definitely live up to the expectations.One thing is for sure, Samsung’s revenues will definitely fly high at the end of this year with the appearance of this amazing service onto the scene.

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