Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be Released On February 28th

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be Released On February 28th

There is every reason to believe that on the 21st of February 2016, the Telecommunications giant, Samsung, will unveil its much anticipated product: Samsung Galaxy S7. The company recently sent out a special invitation to the media for its upcoming “Unpacked 2016″ event. There, speculations are rive that the next in line in the Galaxy S series will be unveiled and officially made available to the public.
According to the invitation, the event will kick-start the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Show in Barcelona, at 7:00pm local time. Those who cannot make it there can hook up at the Company’s official Youtube channel for live streaming. In preparation for this event, Samsung released a teaser on the same Youtube channel, featuring a guy with his Samsung Gear VR headset, trying to reach out to a Galaxy cube.

The company needed to put the disappointing sales performances of the earlier released S6 behind and give its worldwide, loyal customer-base, something to look forward to this year.Here are some features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 making rounds in the rumor mills:

-Larger screen: It is expected to be larger than the previous 5.1 inches Galaxy S6.
-Cost effective: If rumors are to be believed, the S7 is going to cost less than the Galaxy S6.
-Varied Flavour: It is being expected that the S7 will come in different shapes. There could be curved and straight-sided versions.
-3D Touch: It is being anticipated also that Samsung will finally provide an answer to Apple’s 3D Touch and pressure-sensitive screen via S7. Though not confirmed, but it is highly likely.
-The Return of SD Cards: There is a possibility that S7 will signify the return of the micro-SD card slot back into the Samsung Smart-phones.
-Eye Scanning: Galaxy S7 will likely contain a feature that unlocks the phone after scanning the retina of the eyes.

Though many of these are still at best rumors, but no doubt, exciting times are ahead for die-hard Samsung users. Interestingly, 2 other major devices are set to be unveiled on the same day. LG plans to unveil its own much awaited G5, while Huawei is believed to also unveil its P9 Smartphone. On the 24th of February, Xiaomi will unveil the Mi 5 to the world.

Without doubt, all eyes will be on this year’s MWC. Industry watchers and enthusiasts alike will be keenly looking forward to the events.