Robots Delivering Packages Will be Available Soon.

Robots Delivering Packages Will be Available Soon.

It is well known that in the recent past, Amazon has been looking to find a way to deliver their packages to their customers by drones. This would eliminate the need for a middle man, usually the post office, to deliver the packages for them. But now, there is talk from Starship, a new company on the radar these days that they are trying to find a way to deliver packages by a self driving robot instead. Starship is a startup that is relatively new on the business stage, but they have a lot of big ideas.

The great news that is being seen out today is that Starship is looking to find a way to bring your packages to your door, by a small robot that is self driving, as well as helping to reduce the amount of time you have to wait for an actual messenger to drop off your package. The robot is essentially big enough to hold two shopping bags on its platform and will drive at the speed of a walking person on the sidewalks. You can choose a time that you will be home, and the robot will show up with your goods without you needed to wait all day for a courier to come by.

The small robot vehicle will only open for the person waiting for the delivery, and that person can also follow its progress through an app made for the smartphone. Right now, the devices are based in London and are being tested to see just how well they can work on the sidewalks. They get around by GPS navigation but they do have a human watching over their progress to make sure everything runs smoothly, though they do have integrated software in each device to ensure their success.

These robots are expected to hit sidewalks in the US, UK, and a few other countries by next year. It is said that they can be up to 15 times cheaper than other methods of delivery and can be available faster than the drones will be. The other great news with this prototype is that they are effectively better on the environment than cars, and they only consume as much energy as a light bulb does, making them very energy efficient. The world is not becoming more innovative with technology, and we could very soon see these little robots delivering packages all up and down the city sidewalks.

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