Robot Taxi Will Start Offering Rides in 2016.

Robot Taxi Will Start Offering Rides in 2016.

A company with the name of “Robot Taxi” recently gave good news to the senior citizens and the individuals who have no access to public transportation because it is going to offer a service to them by which they can easily go anywhere they want.

It is expected that the service will be available by the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 as testing phase of the taxi without human drivers will start next year.  It is confirmed by the company that in the testing phase, 50 individuals will travel in trips of 2 miles from their homes to the market in the presence of a Robot Taxi employee in the motor vehicle and the purpose of the presence of worker who will travel with the individuals is safety because the company requires to make sure that no any mishap will happen when there will be no human driver in the taxi. It is not great news for the elderly or the individuals who don’t have the public transport available near the area where they live and also for the tourists because they don’t have their own motor vehicles.

There is a challenge for the robot taxi company and all the companies too who attempted to produce self-driving cars that they have to make people feel secure while travelling in their motor vehicles with no human driver because it is obvious that people will not feel safe with a robot driver as everyone will feel that something can happen wrong anytime if the robot stops working or if the robot lost control of the motor vehicle.

According to an estimate, Japan has the highest number of elderly individuals living there from as compare to any other country of the world and the nation wants to take care of the individuals who are above than 60-year-old that is why they are continuously involved in a struggle to create something that will make the travelling easy for the elder people. The struggle of the nation in making everything easy for the elderly is not limited to creation of the robot taxi but it also includes the distribution of IBM-tweaked iPads that provide the assistance to the elder individuals in organizing their medication, shopping and timing of exercise and the robotic bear is also included in the list of the services that are specially for the elderly individuals. The robotic bear is created to assist the people in going from one place to another having issues in walking and they face difficulty in it, the bear is developed by keeping the issue of the elderly individuals in mind and to ease their problem. Development of the robot taxi is great news for those individuals who cannot drive due to any issue but they want to remain active by going out of their homes for shopping or any other important activity.

If the robot taxi passes the testing phase then the elderly people and the others will get a great service by using which they can go everywhere they want and it is expected that more services for the elderly will be developed. 

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