Roads that can charge Electric cars

Roads that can charge Electric cars

Once it’s a dream to have a car for which one never have to pull over for fuel and UK government is making over imagination comes true. They are introducing roads that can charge electric cars as they drive along them. The goal was set to avoid the frequent stop as full charges electric cars may get to 260 miles where as a gas guzzling car can get more than 300 miles.

The magnetic induction technology is used in the charging road, these charging roads acts as wireless phone chargers. Wireless technology is fitted in the automobiles and some kind of special electromagnetic field generator equipment is fitted below the roads. The electric magnetic field would be picked up by the car receiver and then transformed into electric power. But this system also includes a communication system to detect the coming car and start the process.


Mike Wilson, Highways England’s chief highways engineer, said. “Vehicle technologies are advancing at an ever increasing pace and we’re committed to supporting the growth of ultra-low emissions vehicles on England’s motorways and major A roads”.

The off-road trials of wireless power technology will help to open up new opportunities for businesses that transport goods across the country and also help to make a strong road network for England. The final decision is made after the 18 month trials and then the project is finally moved to the public roads.

This is not the first trial of its kind a few years before in South Korea 12km stretch of road is used to charge up the electric buses and this process is known as Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance (SMFIR).  A similar trial is made in England in Milton Keynes where buses were charge through plates in the road.

According to official the government is committing £500 million over the next five years to keep England at the forefront of this technology. This scheme has its pons and corns but it seems to have a lot more potential of changing the future transportation. Some skeptics were against the scheme. Many raised the question that weather we need such advancement in transportation? Some have raised the question about the cost? The million government is spending on such projects can be used for health. This argument goes on but the day is near when we don’t have to stop the car for fuel and ultimate speed can be achieved.