Rick Perry Announced His Bid To Run For The Presidential Election

Rick Perry Announced His Bid To Run For The Presidential Election

Mr. Rick Perry the 14 years governor of the Texas state has announced his bid to run for the presidential election. The following article compiles a few reasons why he must be your choice as the next president of USA.

As the presidential elections in the U.S are drawing near, the contest is getting more and more interesting and it has become intense after the republican Rick Perry who has been ruling in Texas as governor for last 14 years have announced his candidacy for the next presidential election set to be held in 2016. This is his second time that he is running for the president of the U.S. He was also a candidate in the 2012 presidential election when he started his campaign vigorously only to be ruined by his stump speech mishap and debate gaffe. And after 4 years he is again all set to launch his second bid for the nomination of the Republican Party.

“I’m running for the presidency of the United States,” Perry said while addressing to a rally in Addison, Texas.

So Why You Should Vote For Rick Perry In The Upcoming Presidential Elections:

Rick Perry running for the presidential elections must be  good thing as he has presided the record tenure as a governor of one of the largest and most developed state in the United States and this shows that he would be a steady hand in the white house.

Also he is the only candidate with a military experience and his relations with the military veterans, which includes several Navy SEALs and especially the Taya Kyle, widow of the greatest American sniper in US history namely Chris Kyle, can be of great importance.

“This will be a ‘show me, don’t tell me’ election, where voters look past the rhetoric to the real record,” Rick Perry said in his candidacy announcement speech. And he has undoubtedly performed well enough in his 14 year rule as governor of Texas. Texas’ growth rate of job was considerably higher than the national average in the past 15 years and also the state’s economy is not as much dependent on the oil and gas as it was in the past.

Mr. Perry is also known for his famous fight against the counterproductive ideologies. His fight against the Environmental Protection Agency clean air rules is very well known.

And in the last Mr. Rick Perry can absolutely claim more executive experience than many of his rivals in the presidential candidacy. This record can help him a lot in his election campaign and this may be the mainstay of his campaign around which whole of his campaign must be revolving. And he will definitely be giving a tough competition to other candidates.

But he needs to be careful this time to avoid any incidents that ruined his campaign in his last presidential bid that still must be haunting him.