Norwegian Air Will Soon Have Flights From US to Europe for as Low as $69.

Norwegian Air Will Soon Have Flights From US to Europe for as Low as $69.

Have you been dreaming of taking a vacation to Europe and just cannot seem to stomach the air fare prices? The price of flights has been increasingly hard to match when people are looking to go to Europe on vacation. It can be hard to plan a great trip when you are constantly worried about the price of airfare, as well as hotel, food, and anything else you may want to buy. There is good news for everyone in this position, because things are about to change, and it will all be for the positive. Thanks to the CEO of Norwegian Air, people will be able to plan that trip to Europe soon.

Recently, the CEO of Norwegian Air, Bjørn Kjos is looking to make it easier for people to travel to Europe when they want. His goal is to have flights to Europe, from the United States for as low as $69. His plan is to get this to happen by 2017, so this is good news for people who have always wanted to travel there. The airline is actually looking to hook up airports in the United States that do not have international flights to certain destinations in Scotland and Norway. This means that with less traffic from a regular international airport, you decrease the amount of people there, plus, they can offer the lower prices.


Though these airports will now have to set up for international flight, Kjos hopes that travelers will be able to afford these much lower prices and fly with his airline, over some of the more popular and expensive airlines. It is all about making flying more comfortable and easy for those that want to travel. And this is great news for those who cannot afford the pricier ticket. With airfare so low, you can now easily plan the right vacation.

This great news is just one more reason for travelers to start packing their bags and making plans to go on their next family vacation. With prices so low, the entire family can enjoy a European vacation without any financial stresses. That is exactly how a vacation should start off like and Norwegian Air is there to make sure that that can happen for you. All you need is a little patience and when 2017 rolls around, you could soon be flying across the ocean, all for less than $100 per ticket. Who would have thought it could be so easy?

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