No Need For A Facebook Account To Use Facebook Messenger

No Need For A Facebook Account To Use Facebook Messenger

The Facebook announces messenger application for the smart phone users that do not have an active Facebook account in USA, Canada and Venezuela.

It was mandatory previously to have an active Facebook account to use the Facebook messenger application, but now this became a thing of past as the Facebook announces that to use its Facebook messenger application the user may not necessarily have a Facebook account and moved on to dominate the messaging world.

This new feature of Facebook is introduced initially in three countries including United States, Canada and Venezuela. The smart phone users in these three countries will now see a new option “not on Facebook?” on the signup screen when they download the Facebook messenger application. The new option will use the name and the phone number of the users to create an account on the app.


Almost all the other features of the messenger app will be same for the non-Facebook users like the stickers, payments and voice and video calls as well but the difference off course will lie in the features that are somehow connected to the Facebook accounts of the users. The messenger for the non-Facebook users will be dependent upon the contacts in the phone to find the friends that are using the Facebook messenger and they will also be unable to access the messages on the net as they will still be live on the

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It is generally believed that the Facebook has been introducing this feature in these countries to test the feasibility of the feature on a trial basis and it will only introduce this feature in other countries once it is proved to be successful. Facebook was unable to announce any time frame about when it will be announcing this feature for other countries.

It was just a year ago when the Facebook started to market its application for the smart phone users and they have come a long way by continuously evolving their smart phone application features. Although the social networking website experienced a lot of problems in the start but then it manages to gather up more than a billion downloads for their application. This was only possible because of the new features that Facebook continue to introduce for their application including the voice calling, video calling, payments, eye catching stickers, user friendly format and the third party application.

The news however is a good one for the smart phone users of USA, Canada and Venezuela which do not use Facebook and experts are hoping the application will soon be announced by for other countries as well.