New Record Set By Apple Last Weekend.

New Record Set By Apple Last Weekend.

Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales are sky rocking. The company says that it sold more than 13 million new devices over the weekend. In other words, Apple has sold 3000 phones per minute, which also means 50 devices per second.
That’s a mind-blowing sales operation as a matter fact it’s the very first time that such result appears in Apple history knowing that the number was 10 million units last year and 9 million in 2013.

The first question crossed my mind, and I’m sure yours too. How come?
In one word, China, who did overtake Europe as Apple’s second biggest market earlier this year. For the record, the sales there are growing three times faster than in America.
Also, the iPhone 6S landed in the market with some big improvements. It comes with a better camera, a significantly faster chip, snappier Touch ID, a 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories to life in a powerfully vivid way. Finally enough, “The only thing that was changed on iPhone 6 is everything.” Quoted from what Apple said about iPhone 6S.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook in a press release. “Customers’ reaction to the device is incredible, and they love Live Photos and 3D Touch, and we can’t wait to bring these two devices to customers in even more countries on October 9th.

Tim Cook

So if your country figures in this list, you better start doing some saving because Apple is rolling out to your homeland on October 9. Here are all the countries that Apple will soon start shipping the new phones to:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Maldives, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,  Switzerland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan. On October 10, countries include Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar,  the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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