New Electric Cars to Get a Range of 745 Miles By 2020

New Electric Cars to Get a Range of 745 Miles By 2020

The chief of motor giant “Tesla” Mr. Elon Musk is recently on a visit in Copenhagen, Denmark where in an interview he has revealed that the dream of an electric car with a handsome range to be translated into a reality by 2020.

The electric vehicles have been proposed by many motor giants in the past but the main issue regarding the electric cars is their limited range. However, the Tesla chief thinks that soon it will not be problem anymore. He expressed these hopes in an interview to a Danish news agency. According to him the battery technology is expected to improve at a handsome rate of 5 to 10 percent every year. This rapid improvement in the battery technology will soon make it possible to design a car with huge ranges in a very short span of time.

Currently the CEO said that the people have successfully driven the model S for as high as 500 miles but at a slow speed. He expects it to be improved up to 600 miles by next year and as high as 746 miles till 2020.

While many disagree with these figures, many believe that this will at least lead to a range of 382 to 483 miles. Today’s range of electric cars falls somewhere around 300 miles that too at a slow speed. If we take the expected battery improvement, the upper limit (i.e. 10%) suggests that this will be improved to 483 miles by 2020 and taking the lower limit into account (i.e. 5%) the range will be raised to 382 miles. These figures suggests that the electric cars will be useful for city-to-city tours at the very least and with the supercharger stations spread all over the world in next few years this range will be more than sufficient for most people.


Elon Musk was also very hopeful about the autonomous cars (Self-drive cars) and he was of the opinion that we will be riding the driverless cars somewhere around 2018. This is exceptionally small span of time and seems unreal for the development of these autonomous cars especially when the prototype models are not even fit for use yet and have lots of technical as well as mechanical flaws. However the chief believes that the regulators won’t permit the use of these autonomous cars right away instead it will take another 1 to 3 years for the regulators to check the feasibility of this newly developed technology to be allowed on the roads. Also some areas may apply this more easily than the other ones.

When asked about the increasing competition in the field of electric cars by other top automakers, he said that he is pleased about this and very excited for the start of an era of electric transportation and a healthy competition is the key here which can accelerate the electric transportation. He also mentioned that he has made available his company’s patents for any competitor.

This is a gust of fresh air in a world where most of the companies gives priority to having more share in the market for themselves and augmenting profits than caring about the acceleration of progress rate.

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