NASA Finds Signs of Water on Mars

NASA Finds Signs of Water on Mars

A shocking announcement has made recently by the NASA which shows that life can be supported by the planet Mars because the researchers has found the sings of the presence of water there, the dark streaks observed on the surface of Mars during warmer climate are included in the signs.It is the said by the researchers that flow of briny water seen falling down from the canyons and crater walls of Mars in the season of summer, the flow can be seen when the temperature increases almost -23C and the flow is not seen in the cold climate.

Pictures are taken of the planet which makes fan-like patterns and shows the summertime flows, it is not confirm that which is the source of that water but the source might be underground ice or salty aquifers. Other than those 2 sources, the vapor to liquid formation from the thin Martian atmosphere might be the reason of that water.There is a question that requires answer and the scientists are trying to know the answer of from where that water comes from? Some of the scientists believe that it may be coming from the underneath of the crust while others say that it forms by the condensation process.


Back in the year 2011, the high-resolution camera took the pictures of the summertime water flow from crater walls and now, the researchers are taking assistance from another instrument to know the system of the RSL flows. With the help of a spectrometer on the MRO, the researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology saw the infrared light reflected off the sloppy walls when the dark streaks had started to appear, they observed it for long period of timewhen they had raised to full length at the finishing of summer season.

According to a professor of the University of Leicester, the research was amazing as the availability of water on the planet Mars gave the chances of the future human missions and he added that the importance of not contaminating the Mars with microbes from Earth should be paid attention on due to the reason that these things make the wet areas present there the most difficult to visit. The main advantage of the water availability there is that the researchers who land on the planet can use the water for fulfilling their requirements and they can also use then for growing the food, if the scientists can become successful in knowing the ways that where that water can be stored then it is great for the individuals who take part in the future researches on the planet Mars.


A scientist who is involved in the research David E. Stillman told that the water for the streaks may be different in different regions of the planet and also added that the water available on Mars may not be too salty for microbes.

Human being cannot live without water and the availability of water there raise the concern that “can life be expected at the planet which seems dry”?

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