Morocco: The Next Destination for Professional Surfers

Morocco: The Next Destination for Professional Surfers

Morocco is about to held one of the biggest surfing competition in the world. The World Surf League (WSL) has decided and finally confirmed to organize the Quiksilver Pro for the first time in Morocco. The competition will take place in one of Morocco’s largest city from the 8th to 12th of September.

As being the largest city in Morocco and also one of the most well-known African cities both on a cultural and economical perspective, Casablanca will be the prime destination of so many professional surfers for the event, which will be the first time for some of them, to explore, not only the waves of the kingdom, but also its cultural richness, its historical heritage, and its diversity.

For some professional surfers, Morocco has always been a prime surfing destination. Geographically exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, it has some of the most powerful and biggest waves from its North to South. On the other hand, local surfers will be pleased to be part of the event, as for some of them have always been a dream to participate in the event. Ramzi Boukhiam, who is a famous Moroccan pro surfer, is extremely happy to have the Quiksilver Pro event in his home country. He hopes for a lot of locals to be part of the event competing against the most well-known surfers in the world.


Without the cooperation of the Royal Moroccan Surfing Federation (RMSF) and the WSL, the competition wouldn’t have come to such progress to be organized in Morocco. The project has been in develop for years, which wouldn’t have come to life without the help of the RMSF, through its support for organizing small events and competitions and inviting local surfers for participation for many years ago. This project will move the association of the RMSF into a whole new level by associating with WSL to organize such a big event in Morocco. Such event could lead to many other opportunities and competitions as such to be held in Morocco in the near future.

As being the President of RMSF, Mohammed Kadmiri, stated in his own words that he is very excited to bring for the first time a WSL event to Morocco. He went along saying that the event is a historical moment for the surf in Morocco. He said that he will welcome all surfers of the world with the traditional Moroccan warmth and hospitality and hope to host an amazing contest.