Massive Donations Following Nepal Earthquake

Massive Donations Following Nepal Earthquake

Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, faced a devastating earthquake earlier this year, which accumulated damages to the city at an upwards of billions of dollars. The entire world mourned for the city, which lost lives as well as property, and for a short while, all hope seemed to have been lost on the nation. However, in a stunning and heartwarming turn of events, After Nepal earthquake, Nepal has been granted several high-end donations from surrounding countries, lending the much-needed support the country has been longing for since before the earthquake made things worse.

Hindustan Times reports, “At a meeting of foreign donors on Thursday, India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj pledged $1 billion to finance reconstruction, while regional rival China promised 3 billion yuan ($483 million) in grant assistance.” Nepal has estimated about 6.7 billion is required for a full recovery, so naturally, these donations are large and unimaginable contributions that surely will not go unappreciated.

The Hinustan Times also notes that “Additional pledges of $600 million from the Asian Development Bank, $260 million from Japan, $130 million from the US, $100 million from the EU as well as an earlier announcement of up to $500 million from the World Bank have now taken total assistance pledged to around $3 billion.” Essentially, Nepal is at its halfway point to recovery.

The government of Nepal would greatly benefit from a long-term solution for their restructuring. For instance, stronger and steadier buildings that are made to withstand powerful earthquakes will be of tremendous help. At the same time, Nepal could use some political strategies from neighboring countries such as China, who have managed to grow financially and have become sustainable throughout the last several decades.

Hindustan Times notes that some of these donations may have something to do with political influence, almost a bid for power in the vulnerable country: “Dev Ratna Dhakhwa, secretary general of the Nepal Red Cross Society, said earlier he feared Kathmandu’s “one-window policy” for reconstruction would obstruct relief efforts, with political parties already trying to manipulate the system to siphon off funds.” In other words, Nepal is vulnerable and there are still a lot of victims that are in dire need of aide and relief. Families have been struck with unspeakable tragedy and mayhem. It would be best for all of the countries involved in these donations to not have any politically charged motives behind their efforts. Time will tell, but for now, we can certainly appreciate the country is on its way to getting back on its feet.

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