Mark Zuckerberg Assist UN to Provide Internet in Refugee Camps

Mark Zuckerberg Assist UN to Provide Internet in Refugee Camps

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of the social networking giant Facebook has always spoken highly of the “Internet For All” and was involved in several initiatives which were aimed at expanding the internet access to the people of far flung areas, not directly connected with the fiber optic or afford smart phones. This is particularly important for the rural areas of the developing countries. However, in a recent announcement the Facebook head has expressed his intentions to provide assistance to the United Nations in their pursuit of bringing internet connections to the refugee camps.

However, Mark Zuckerberg later admitted that the announcement is not entirely altruism and it is also good for his company too when more people will be drawn towards the Facebook through these internet connections. According to him “we all benefit when we are more connected”. However he refrains from disclosing how and where the refugee camps will be connected through this initiative.


This project was announced by Zuckerberg at the UN headquarters at a dinner hosted by the world’s body. The lunch was aimed at encouraging the cooperation of private sectors in advancing the ambitious global development goals adopted on last Friday in the UN general assembly. Top government leaders and business executives were also part of this lunch.

UN is currently hosting a high level summit with the world leaders and head of the states participating to devise a roadmap for a sustainable global development program and eliminating the poverty. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor was one of the speakers at the lunch. She seems very much interested in the advancement of this ambitious plan of global development and said that the poverty has been cut to one half in the span of last 15 years and it is the last mile that is always the most difficult.

Mark Zuckerberg was sitting just next to Angela Merkel, whose company has suffered from severe legal trouble, not only in Germany but the whole Europe over the privacy issues.

CP2vZprWsAArdN6 is an initiative that is the center of Mr. Zuckerberg’s efforts to connect the people of developing countries with the internet access who otherwise doesn’t afford to have an internet connection. This initiative is aimed to connect nearly 4 billion people with the internet connectivity with the help of local cellular companies.

According the UN report some 4 billion or 57% of the world population still has no internet connection and this is the thing that seems to be bothering Mr. Zuckerberg and he expressed this concern in his speech at UN that about half of the world is still without internet and this is not good for both the halves. He said that it is easier said than done to connect the whole world through the internet access and the solution to this problem is not simple at all. The achievement of these goals is particularly challenging in those areas which does not even have electricity yet.

He expressed his concerns over the pressing situations in Africa where 9 out of 10 people in rural areas are without electricity. He urged the governments to lay the foundations upon which the private sector can build.

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