Man Makes Tiny House for Homeless Woman

Man Makes Tiny House for Homeless Woman

In the spirit of giving and doing unto others, a local Los Angeles man recently built a tiny house for a Homeless woman in the area. It may not sound like much, but with just $500, he was able to build a shelter that provider her with a roof over her head and a safe place to sleep at night. And while it may be small, it is significantly better than where she was sleeping.

Elvis Summers had met 60 year old Irene McGee when she came around this neighborhood to collect recycling for some extra cash. They began chatting and overtime developed a friendship. When he found out she was homeless, he dropped everything and went to the hardware store for supplies. While giving up his extra comforts, and some bills, he built her a three and a half by eight foot living space.

McGee ended up on the streets ten years ago when her husband died and subsequently, she lost her house. People Magazine reports that while she does have a son, she refuses to place herself as a burden on his life, and continues living where she does. She now plans to start looking for a job since she has a place to live, and hopefully can rebuild her life. She is just happy to have a relaxing place to sleep for now.

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Summer is planning on helping the LAPD in finding some area in the city to build more of these homes for the homeless people in the area. He has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to take care of all of the expenses. His hope is to get enough of these shelters in the area so that all of those who are out on the streets can have a space to sleep that is safe and shelters from any of the elements.

Digital Trends reports that as long as the mobile house is moved every 72 hours, there will not be any trouble with city ordinance laws, and McGee is free to live anywhere she pleases. While this is a great step in the right direction, there are still many other issues that the country needs to overcome to stamp out homelessness altogether. For now, with people like Summers in the country, doing whatever you can with whatever you have is one way of paying it forward to those in the area who really need it the most.

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