M: The Facebook New Powerful Virtual Assistant

M: The Facebook New Powerful Virtual Assistant

For so many years and from the moment of its advent, Google has always been the perfect virtual assistant to humans in terms of looking for information, gifts to buy, finding people, or even locations of shops, and more. Along with the search engine Google, with the progress of technology, many other virtual assistants have been invented, such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. People can just type or say whatever they want to look for and get instant and varies results. However, Facebook is trying to take over to be the replacement of all. Its main objective is to get the attention of so many other virtual assistant users to be the new king of the modern assistant through its widely used app Messenger.

M, as it is called, is the new artificial intelligent assistant that Facebook is testing to launch inside the Messenger app. Unlike other virtual assistants mentioned before, which all rely on technology, Facebook is also using a group of its employers working to provide the required service of the customers. The result of the service will be much more effective than of other artificial intelligent assistants, because customers will get not only instant results, but also the right result and also suggestions that they might be interested in.

As David Marcus, the Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, said: M can perform tasks that none of the others can, because M is powered by actual people.

Basically, users of Messenger can ask anything they want from M as if they are asking a friend or family by typing or using vocal recorder and send it to M, and will get instant response from it. For instance, if a Messenger user asks M to provide her/his with a list of gifts to be given in Mother’s day, M will instantly respond to the request. Along with that and to make it easier for the person’s request, M can also suggest some shops to buy the required gift and also make the shop deliver the gift.


The Virtual Assistant M can accomplish so many tasks and therefore it is so beneficial in so many ways. M is beneficial for people who work all day and can’t find time to do other tasks. Along with that, M is also valuable assistant for people with disabilities who even though some of them might have time but can’t do some particular tasks. On the other hand, M is considered as an advantage for companies who sell products. In other words, companies and M can create a partnership to create an advertizing method to promote the products’ companies using M. That way, when a Messenger user asks M about a product, it can suggest a product of the company that has a partnership with it.