Loretta Lynch Voted New Attorney General

Loretta Lynch Voted New Attorney General

Loretta Lynch was voted into office, as the United States New Attorney General, on April 23, 2015. She is the first “black woman to lead the Justice Department,” NPR reports. She is the second woman in the position though, with the renowned Janet Reno being the first. This may have come as a shock to political pundits, after the bid for her opportunity at the seat had been stalled for the last five months, possibly due to the Republican party having disagreements over some of the rhetoric Lynch used in an anti-human trafficking bill. After that bill was cleared, Lynch’s chair became almost immediately available.

Ronald Weich, who served as the assistant attorney general not that long ago said,  “It disturbs me that the process has become so muddy and that there is such a partisan approach to what should be a relatively straightforward analysis as of whether a nominee is competent and ethical and has stature.” In other words, Weich considered the Republican party’s delay in the process a complete waste of time, without any real focus on the issues that matter. It should be noted Lynch represents the Republican Party, and therefore, her image is rather crucial to the party in question. Therefore, it’s not completely unreasonable that the Republican Party would want to work with her for almost half a year’s worth of time in reshaping that image on such crucial issues to the party such as abortion and her relationship to President Barack Obama.

What we do know is Lynch’s relationship with her own party has weakened over the course of the last year. The Associated Press reported on this, “For Lynch, the issue that tore into her support with Republicans was immigration and her refusal to denounce President Obama’s executive actions limiting deportations for millions of people living illegally in this country. Questioned on the issue at her confirmation hearing in January, she said that she believed Obama’s actions were reasonable and lawful.” Aside from Lynch’s turbulent relationship with her party, she did win the votes and has been officially appointed in the position.

The Republican Party should now be excited to have one of their most prominent members positioned in such a high chair of authority. The Attorney General is often required to work closely with the president and congress, two of which could arguably use some positive influences from the conservative party. Loretta Lynch won the votes 56-43, making it very close. The time from which she was nominated and when she was actually voted into office was reported as a record high of 166 days.

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