Life After College: ISN Fair – Morocco 2015.

Life After College:  ISN Fair – Morocco 2015.

Now that I’m in my senior year so close from graduation with one semester left, I started having some flashbacks about my college experience. After all, I spent over 4 years there. It’s more like a home to me now and for all the people out there who know what the college is about, and like my mother keep telling me “son it’s the best  5 years of your life “.

Does that suppose to mean that I’m going to be miserable after college?

I’ve been thinking about what she said and somehow she got a point. I will look forward to the nights where I didn’t have any plans, the three months off, the many holidays where I don’t have to go to school, going out on weekdays and my favorite of them all is living with a flatmate who happens to be my best friend to. If you had the chance to live with your best friend, then you are the luckiest person on earth.

After college, we will be chained to our computers, doing assignments. We will have to tide up our wardrobe; probably we won’t be able to wear sweatpants to work. Instead, we will have to buy clothes that fit into the dreaded Business Casual or Business Professional dress code.(OMG I’m going to miss wearing my Yankees cap ).

But if there is one thing that I will have to hate the most, it would be explaining to people what I do now. Most of us will get this question all the time. We might be ashamed if we haven’t found our dream job yet. So I say let’s think about our future and take advantage of different opportunities in the market whether it’s educational or professional.

 I don’t want this journey to stop now as a matter fact I want to make it even more exciting. This summer I made 2 months internship abroad in Barcelona (an amazing city). I learned so many things on my own, met some wonderful people (Hicran, Andy you are one of these people) without the help or support of my family or friends.

Back there, I was talking to myself a lot. I was correcting my own mistakes. I was following my advice. Fewer people were around, and that had allowed me to connect with my inner self. Bottom line, I’ve become my own best friend.

I’m a strong believer that a College experience outside your homeland is a must, a positive life changing adventure (Like one of my favorite authors says “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal “Paulo Coelho).

For all the young’s fresh graduate or post graduate students that agree with me. I say: you are quite lucky because the Great News Magazine is bringing, once again to the table, some amazing news for you.

The US Embassy, US Department of Commerce, Education USA and Amideast are collaborating to organize for people like you and me, an evening of workshop and networking at Hayat Regency Hotel Casablanca on October 12th. We will get the chance to meet professors and administrators from different US universities to learn more about them and eventually apply and start the next journey.


You will get the chance to get your questions answered from the source and save yourself the trouble of searching online or going all the way to the US to get the right information. Also, your parents can be there to have an idea about how life can be abroad and the different options that you can go for. Add to that, you will be able to know what are the fees to pay and requirements to fulfill to get accepted.

What are you waiting for?  You can book a place here (It’s totally free).

For more information please check the ISN Fair – Morocco 2015 Facebook page.

Best luck for all of us.

Pura Vida


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