Jurassic World Made a $ 511.8 Million Within The First Week

Jurassic World Made a $ 511.8 Million Within The First Week

The biggest blockbuster movie of the year, Jurassic World goes down into the history as the highest grossing movie all over the world. The action, adventure genre movie directed by Colin Trevorrow set the world record of highest earning movie in the first weekend. The action packed science fiction film came up with an astonishing earning of 511.8 million dollars within the first week of its release.

Jurassic World 2015 is the fourth movie of the series Jurassic Park with its first part appeared onto the scene 22 years ago. The earlier parts of the series made their way to the box office much quicker, Jurassic World has been released almost after 14 years of the release of its predecessor. Written by Jack Raffa and Amanda Silver, the movie has shown a fully functional dinosaur theme park.

With Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins as the leading roles, the movie offered some quite an adventure and was undoubtedly an action packed thriller. In addition to being the highest grossing movie internationally, Jurassic World has had the second highest domestic opening ever. The best domestic grossing movie was ‘The Avengers’ released in 2012 by Walt Disney Studios, earning $ 207.4 million. Jurassic World has $ 204.6 million sales in the domestic box office within the first week.

With a running time of 124 minutes and a budget of $ 150 million, Jurassic World made the watchers sit tight in their seats: the movie being an amazing and adventurous ride. Released by Universal Pictures all over the world the movie was meant to be released way back in summer 2005. However the movie had to undergo slight changes in the script as well as due to some technical reasons. Over the last decade the movie’s release date was finalised a number of times however it could not be done and the date of release remained a mystery. 14 years of wait was justified by the movie in every possible way. The movie provided great entertainment as well as grossed out of the box to make its sales up to $ 512 million throughout the world approximately.

Websites which provide reviews for the movies like Metacritic gave Jurassic World a mediocre score of 59/100 which is behind ‘Spy’ and ‘San Andreas’, however these movies have been able to accumulate only $ 16 million and $ 11.0 million which is nothing as compared to the sales earned by Jurassic World. Major portion of the sales coming from 3-D and ultra wide screens: almost 48 %. The domestic film industry is up around 4 % for the year, to more than $4.8 billion from just shy of $ 4.7 billion right now a year ago, as indicated by Rentrak.

Despite there being a few shortcomings in the movie, Jurassic World has been highly liked by people of all age groups. The way Colin Trevorrow brought life to dinosaurs was pretty much unthinkable before the release of the movie. This 150 million dollar budget fantasy has certainly earned way better than most other films of high standards.


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