Jeddah Tower Set to Take The Title as World’s Tallest Building in The World.

Jeddah Tower Set to Take The Title as World’s Tallest Building in The World.

Saudi Arabia may be known for its oil production, but it may be looking to knock its neighbor Dubai off of its tall pedestal. Dubai is known for all things big, lavish, and luxurious. They are some of the leaders of glamorous hotels, shopping malls, and other office buildings. But now Saudi Arabia is looking to take their trophy of tallest building from them, with their own jeddah tower. They are looking to building the tallest building in the world, which will reach one kilometer into the sky.

Right now, Dubai’s building the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. It stands at 827 meters tall and has 160 stories. It was built in 2004 and has since held the title of the tallest freestanding building. It could very well lose its title though, if Saudi Arabia gets the funding for their new building. It is projected to cost over one billion dollars and the very lavish name will be the Kingdom Tower. Right now, it already has 26 floors and the government of Saudi Arabia is looking to have the building completed by 2020.


Saudi Arabia is looking to attract many tourists from all over the world with their new building. Their plans for this large tower include 200 floors that will have a once in a lifetime view of the Red Sea. Ironically, the Red Sea’s salt content could also do major damage to the foundation of the building, so they must make sure that the foundation is made for a concrete that will be able to endure the saltiness of the water, and not erode in anyway. There are currently tests being done to find the right one.

The shape of the building is set to look unique, as it will need to change shape after every couple of floors. This is because the wind on the coast could be strong enough to damage it. Plus, because the building is so tall, there are many construction issues that the contractors are still looking to overcome, like getting the concrete delivered the higher the building gets.

Despite the number of issues that still need to be figured out, the country is looking forward to getting the building built and seeing just what can happen when they dream big. Being able to boast that you have the world’s tallest tower is indeed something to treasure. It is also something that Dubai may have to give up very soon. The world will be watching and waiting for the Kingdom Tower to be completed.

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