Jeb Bush Is Officially A Presidential Candidate

Jeb Bush Is Officially A Presidential Candidate

Get ready for some more déjà vu. After American voters prepared to see more “Clinton for President” signs, now it’s time to gear up to once again read “Bush for President,” as if it’s the year 2000 all over again. After a relatively long hold out on announcing whether or not he would be running for president, former governor Jeb Bush has declared himself an official candidate for presidency in the upcoming 2016 election. This will be the first time in eight years where voters must turn to the polls to elect a brand new president. Only a few years back, in 2012, voters were asked to choose between re-electing President Obama and Republican senator John McCain. Most presidents are re-elected, with only few exceptions throughout history. Most recently, George Bush Sr in the early 90s.

Having a third Bush as President of the United States would certainly make for an interesting story for the history books. However, it should be mentioned that Jeb Bush isn’t the primary Republican candidate just yet. Other Republicans have announced their bid for the race to the White House, but as Fox News reports, “No longer the unquestioned front-runner, the former Florida governor has to contend with 10 other candidates who already have declared and several more expected to enter in the coming weeks… Bush reportedly is planning to get more aggressive against his closest competitors, including Walker and Rubio.” If history is any indication whatsoever, Bush isn’t going to back down very easy.

In a video Bush posted formally announcing his run for president to the internet, the former governor affirmed that he’s “ready to lead” this country, including the hard-working citizens rather than the grubby Washington-based politicians. It’s a similar pitch to Hilary Clinton’s already infamous video announcement from months back.

What we know is that Bush must win the Republican primaries that should be held later this year, if he’s going to lead the conservative party into victory. What we also know is that he’s gong to have a tough fight against the democratic party, that may or may not be done with its eight year-long tenure in office at the helm of Barack Obama. So what will happen come next year, when voters hit the polls? It’s too early to tell. Even though Florida knows Jeb Bush to be a competent leader of one state, is he ready to lead an entire nation? Surely, said-nation is ready to hear him out.