Is Apple Following Samsung’s Footsteps with The New Stylus?

Is Apple Following Samsung’s Footsteps with The New Stylus?

The launch of apple products is beyond doubt the greatest event in the information technology world. To launch its new product the apple Inc. has prepared the biggest launch venue ever for the launch of its products in the San Francisco. The new products that were announced on Wednesday here at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium includes Apple TV, iPad Pro and two new versions of iPhones namely the iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus:

Tim Cook

These new iPhonesretain the large screen features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus that were introduced by the AppleInc. last year. The dimensions of these new handsets are the same as the previous ones except that they have more advanced features than the previous models.

One such new feature is named as “3D touch”. In this feature when the user exerts pressure on the screen it will allow the user to look inside the applications and the messages. The new handsets have improved processors that allows for the powerful graphics. The body is aluminum and boasts a harder glass than the previous models.

The pre ordering for the iPhones will start from Saturday and will start delivering the latest IPhones in 12 countries initially. These countries include United States, Britain, Germany, France, HongKong, China, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Japan New Zealand and Singapore.

For those customers who are buying without carrier subsidies the apple has offered to sell the new devices on installment basis  extending at a span of 24 months (2 Years) with a monthly installment of 27$ for  iPhone 6 and 31$ for iPhone 6s Plus. The total price for iPhone 6s is fixed at 650$ and iPhone 6s plus at 750$.

iPad Pro:


On the other hand the next big launch is the iPad Pro that can be deemed as the replacement of a laptop computer according to the Apple officials. This is a justified statement because the new iPad Pro includes a detachable keyboard and a stylus, which are separately sold.

The senior vice president PhilSchiller was featured as saying that the new iPad Pro has a desktop class performance but is significantly faster than 80% of PCs that were sold last year.

Apple will start the distribution of the new iPad device in November and fixed the price at 799$ for this new device.

The accessory item for the iPad Pro includes a keyboard and an apple pencil which will be sold at a price of 169$ and 99$ respectively.

Upgraded Apple TV box:


The new apple TV also includes some amazing new features. These new features include touch screen, Voice Search,Remote Control and finally an app store to challenge the amazon, Google and Roku.

The new feature of Siri, virtual assistant software that is built into Apple TV has included a feature for natural language searches for the shows. This will allow searching by asking for a certain actor by name or by asking for something funny.

The launching of this new Apple TV is set in the October at an introductory price of 149$.

Watch the whole Keynote Speech here:

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