Is An Apple Car Heading Our Way?

Is An Apple Car Heading Our Way?

After its most recent service Apple Pay, is an Apple car heading our way?

Full of surprises and wonders is Apple, a stylish and reliable car with elegant design built by the most trusted people, sounds quite intriguing. Apple has not yet confirmed anything related to this issue however, the actions of the giants tell the story. What is Apple up to? No one can say anything but the giants themselves.
Analysts believe Apple is trying to make its way in the automotive industry. With the company hiring great names in the field of automotive, we might see Apple revolutionize the transportation with its innovative ideas (who knows). Revolution is a word quite familiar to the Apple employees and no one denies the achievements of Apple.

The Wall Street Journal has stated that Apple has hired the ex-head of global quality at Chrysler, Doug Betts. The hiring of the executive was kept quite secretive however, LinkedIn profile of former senior Vice President of Chrysler Fiat Automobiles mentions him to be working for Apple at “operations” position (not exactly clear what that is). The tech giant also worked for Toyota Motors Manufacturing and Nissan Motors Manufacturing.

There has been a number of secretive hiring of car experts including a Swiss robotics and automotive expert, Paul Furgale. Other hints that make us think of a new chapter in the history of Apple is the accusation by A123 Systems of poaching the employees of A123 Systems by Apple. A123 Systems provide Tata, Daimler and BMW with new batteries.
According to the analysts and experts, Apple is planning on getting into the auto business. Research work is under consideration and hiring of top automotive experts has taken place already. The one thing somehow related to this new to-be auto business is the CarPlay which is an iPhone driven interface that enables tapping of apps by vehicle infotainment systems.

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While some think of this secret hiring as a plan to move into the auto industry, others are not willing to believe this. According to those, all this research work and analysis of markets is aimed at improving the car’s intelligence as it is the future of automotive industry. And tech giants, Apple and others certainly would like to grab this opportunity with both hands. The locomotive industries are trying to make smarter cars and tech companies like Apple are helping their cause by introducing smart entertainment systems. Apple might be thinking of producing sensors and other crucial components of vehicles that might prove handy in the near future towards building of intelligence based next generation smart cars.
However, Apple’s plans are still unclear. They certainly have means and most importantly mettle to enter the industry and make their mark with the mammoth revenue they generate. Everyone is extremely curious about this new plan of Apple and definitely wants to hear from Apple. Let’s see what Apple has planned for its loyal customers. A hot scintillating iCar or just the parts and systems for smarter cars of tomorrow- Apple knows the best!

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