iOS 9 is The Fastest Adopted Ever Software Upgrade

iOS 9 is The Fastest Adopted Ever Software Upgrade

Apple Inc. has recently released their latest iOS namely the iOS 9 and made it available for all the Apple users on 16th of this month. The new software update has been released for all the Apple devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

According to the recent statement issued by the Apple’s senior marketing vice president the iOS 9 upgrade is the fastest ever to be adopted by the users with more than 50% devices are already upgraded within a short span of time. This is the fastest ever adoption for any iOS software update ever released. According to him the iOS 9 has expressed an amazing start which is now downloaded by more users than any other previous software in the history of the company. The company also repeated in their press release, their earlier announcement of releasing the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus on the 25th of this month. The iPhone will be released in 12 countries including the U.K, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, China, France and Germany. According to the company the response to the new iPhone is incredibly positive and is expected to beat the record of last iPhone launch of 10 million devices on the launching weekend. However there was no mention of precise sales figures in the press release.


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But on the contrary these early statistics announced by the apple can be a bit misleading. This is because if we look at the previous iOS 8 update we can see that there was similar response towards the previous iPhone 8 upgrade which was adopted by more than 50 percent devices in the first week but after that huge surge in the first week the adoption rate of iOS 8 declined sharply resulting in only one percentage point increase during the next 2 weeks. Similar is the case with iOS 7 in which 70 percent of the devices were upgraded on the newly launched software within first 20 days of launch.

However there is a major difference between iOS 8 and iOS 9 and this is about the size of the update, iOS 9 is lesser in size and this is anticipated to draw more of the users to upgrade their devices on the new software. Size is the major issue for the users as there is always a limited space in the apple devices with no external memory and most people refrain from downloading large size updates to save the space. There are also no botched updates in this new software which may also draw more users to download this new software update.


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