iOS 9 is Out: What you Should do Before Upgrading

iOS 9 is Out: What you Should do Before Upgrading

The long wait of individuals who were excited to enjoy the new features is over now because Apple launched iOS 9 on the 16th of September in some countries of the world.

All the individuals having the iOS 9 compatible devices will surely want to upgrade them to iOS 9 but the suggestions below are very important things which everyone should know before upgrading to iOS 9 .

1. Cleaning up the device is necessary and then there is a requirement of making a backup with the use of iTunes or iCloud.

2. A person can enjoy upgrading iOS 9 if he has the new device models as well some old models because some of the old device models which are supported by Apple include:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad 2
  • Fifth-generation iPod touch
  • Any iPad mini (1, 2 or 3)

3. Backing up the apps that are not of any use for the device owner is not required, the extra apps can be easily deleted by holding them and then tapping the X present in the upper left of the icon which will not only clean the device but also create a space for the other useful apps. here is a great way to check the apps and the space they take which is going to the Settings of the device, then selecting the General option, the next step is to go in the Usage section and then in Manage Storage. It is a great method by which one can know which apps are worthy enough to leave in the device according to benefit they are offering.

4. For deleting the movies or other videos not required, there is a need to go to in the settings option of the device, then selecting the iTunes & App store option from it and from there the option available of Show All Music and Videos when turned to “off” helps in deleting the unwanted videos. After that a device owner can delete the videos one by one without any issue by just a swipe to the right side.

5. Everything present in the device must be organized like songs in one folder and games in other folder, there is not much and unimportant folders or apps present on the home screen.

6. One can use iCloud or iTunes to back up the device because it’s the only way by which a person can make his/her data secure. Using iCloud is simple and easy for which a person just has to go to Settings then choose iCloud and then select Storage & Backup from the options given and tune iCloud Backup “on”.

After the completion of the above written steps, the device is ready for iOS 9 upgrade for which there is a need to go to the Settings then select General and then choose the option of Software Update, the last click will be on the Download and Install.



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