Interview With Patrick Chakauya the Owner of footware brand Bütsu

Interview With Patrick Chakauya the Owner of footware brand Bütsu

If you have a dream that you are dying to accomplish what will you do? Are you the one who will just sit tight and wait for the moment when the things start to become suitable on their own or you will take your fate into your own hands?

Unfortunately most of the people go for the first option but you can take my word on this when I say that there are people who don’t wait for the things to magically work out instead they carve their own path and take the controls into their own hands.

One of such person is Mr. Patrick Chakauya who is a success story in the shoe industry. The Zimbabwe based entrepreneur had a dream and he translated this dream into reality through the hard work and struggle that must be an inspiration for all of us.

His footware brand Bütsu is now taking form in some of the most renowned factories of Italy and has successfully achieved the attention of Alive shoes already.


Q 1: You have come a long way from being a dreamer to become one of the very well respected entrepreneurs in the shoe industry and you must have faced a lot of ups and downs during this long journey. Did there ever was a time when you thought of giving up your quest?

Everyone goes through times in life when they feel they are not worthy. I would be lying if I said that there have never been times when I feel insignificant or rather incapable of making an impact in the world. I just want to make beautiful things and live my life to the fullest so I’ve developed a certain relentlessness to achieve that in my life, barriers and all.

Q 2: Every entrepreneur has some ideas for future in the back of his mind and surely you would have some for your enterprise. Can you tell us what your plans are for the future?

Africa to the world. I want what I do to inspire more young African artists and designers to pursue their dreams. Building a successful business doing what I love would be the first step then the next one would be to nurture Africa’s next generation of creative talent.


Q 3: Did it ever occur to you that you have accomplished enough?

No. I think it would be foolish to think that I’ve accomplished enough. Steve Jobs could have stopped at the first ipod but he didn’t. He continued to innovate and create and I think that it is that kind of consistency that I strive for everyday.

Q 4: Almost every entrepreneur has a one or more ideals which acts as the driving force in their struggle. Who was yours?

I have a deep fear of oblivion, Inaction and defeat coupled with a deep desire to create and inspire others. But making my family proud and ensuring that they are taken care of is on top of those.

Q 5: How and when the idea for making a shoe brand of your own occurred to you?

Last year around December when I was focusing on my art, I caught a product design bug and started coming up with design solutions to issues that I came across in my life. Mostly these ideas got buried in a tiny notebook until I finally decided to put them out there. It started with art, then apparel and accessories and has now got kicks. We are still at our genesis with the sneakers but I am positive that they have a bright future.

Q 6: Why you choose the Italy as a base for your brand?

Italy simply has the best quality shoe manufacturers in world. The materials are all sourced there and produced in Le Marche, it just seemed right.

Q 7: Do you have any plans to expand your brand beyond the Italy?

It’s not only in Italy, it’s online for the world to see. Most of the first buyers of the sneaker are not even from Italy so I think we are on track to expanding even further.

Q 8: As a successful entrepreneur what would you suggest for the young entrepreneurs who are considering your success story as a driving force for their own?

I wouldn’t say I am successful yet. I would say I am working towards success. My advice to young and up and coming entrepreneurs would be to be brave and trust that you can make a difference. Also don’t forget to give yourself a tap on the shoulder every now and then for the things that you have achieved so far.

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