India and Germany Signed Partnership Agreements.

India and Germany Signed Partnership Agreements.

On Monday, an agreement was signed between India and Germany under which it will be easy for the German organizations to run their business in India. This great news was announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel who traveled to New Delhi for the agreement and now the German organization owners will face no difficulty in operating their businesses as they will get business approval without any time wasting.

An agreement like this one has never signed between any other countries of the world and it became an important news for the residents of India as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made great decision for them for which he attract foreign investment for his “Made in India” drive by which the individuals living there will get more chances of getting hired for outstanding jobs.Also a fast system will be set up for German companies in India by which the job opportunities for individuals living in India will for sure increase.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also discussed to make progress in other fields including:

  • Defense manufacturing.
  • Trade.
  • Intelligence.
  • Clean energy.

German Chancellor Merkel reads a joint statement next to India’s Prime Minister Modi after their delegation-level talks at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

It is said that India will get the financial assistance from Germany of almost one billion Euros for the green energy corridor and solar projects. it is also great news that not only in the fields of defense manufacturing and trade but Germany will also work with India on disaster management, agricultural studies and the support will be provided to young scientists of India to participate in natural sciences. Time period of the Indo-German science and technology center will be increased under the agreement; both countries will work as partners in providing higher education. Both countries will cooperate in food safety by working together and joining the federal institute for risk management and food safety and the standards authority of India.

Modi said that he will continue his discussions with Merkel in Bangalore while they will be attending a business forum which will be held in coming months. He also said that he will discuss some other areas including countering terrorism and radicalism. Modi said that the decision of partnership is done for achieving the vision of India’s economic transformation and for making the economy stronger, he believes that both countries together can be powerful partners in advancing a peaceful and sustainable future.

Under the signed agreement, the German will be promoted as a foreign language in India and Germans will promote the modern Indian languages in their country. The point of language is discussed and paid attention because both the countries are attempting to solve the problem of Sanskrit replacing German as a third language in Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools, this decision was made by the government of India but Germany didn’t support it and Merkel discusses it with Modi in a meeting that was held in November last year.

Hopefully this agreement will help India and it’s economy to become one of the strongest worldwide. We are sure that under Modi instruction one day this dream will be possible.