In Istanbul, these Distributors Offer Food to Dogs in Exchange for Recycling Plastic Bottles

In Istanbul, these Distributors Offer Food to Dogs in Exchange for Recycling Plastic Bottles
Little by little, things are changing and thanks to the Internet, people are starting to act! As we can see more and more, the population is mobilizing more for ecology, recycling and citizenship. As a result, more and more initiatives are becoming known, such as the one we are going to talk about today.To date, the city of Istanbul has more than 150 000 stray dogs that often end up starving. A major problem, which the company Pugedon has attacked, making two good actions, instead of one: why not feed these poor doggies, while giving a little help to the environment?

Make all these dogs happy, while recycling used bottlesis a great idea. The concept ? With each recycled bottle deposited in the machine, a dog will be fed. As simple as that. Once the bottle in the machine, a mechanism is activated and drops kibble in a bowl.

Further more With this machine, you can also give the dogs a drink. Yes, because when there is a little water in your bottle, which we do not necessarily want, instead of throwing it as much as it serves! The designers have thought to install a small space, located below the one to throw your bottle, in which you can pour your surplus water, which will pour directly into the bowl of the dog.

The benefit for the company behind the project? In fact, the recycling of these bottles covers the price of food! An effective giving-giving that is already bearing fruit.

This “recycling-dispensing” machine process serves two important reasons: the protection of the environment and animal welfare. A smart and ingenious system that raises awareness of these social problems, urgent to solve.

A truly touching initiative for stray dogs on the part of a committed brand is always good. This reminds us of the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIKEA which had opened its doors to abandoned dogs to protect them from the cold. Ideas as creative and caring, we would love to see every day!