2dd4918Yasser El Hardouz

Founder and CEO : With an Artistic soul and Entrepreneurial mind Yasser is a creative multilingual MBA holder with 6+ years of Marketing, sales and Business Growth. He is also volunteering at several nonprofit organizations and working as a Blockchain consultant with multiple US based startups. As a hobby, he built a portfolio of 7 Screenplays and 2 French novels, earned 2 Neuro-linguistique Programming certifications and working on the 3rd one in Sport Psychology…

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Radwan Mah
Radwan is the Co-Founder & COO of Great News Magazine. He’s an entrepreneur, and a technology addict. He got his post-graduate diploma in management studies from Williams College in London. He likes reading Tech/gadgets Magazines, playing soccer.
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Reda Mah
Rida is the CMO of Great News Magazine & CEO of Etudevog, He work closely with the team to bring a great quality content to our audience. Rida has spend 5 years in the United Kingdom Studying marketing and Business Management.He likes Reading and watching soccer games.
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Badr Zahrane
Badr is an ENCG Casablanca student with a funky spirit and an entrepreneur mindset, preparing a master degree in International Trade and in the mean time he is  a tea addict and chocoholic who enjoys reading and writing engaging loveable stories.

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