Great News!! Apple’s First Store Will Be Open Soon in India

Great News!! Apple’s First Store Will Be Open Soon in India

Apple is a global brand, and has been a global brand for many years now. They have stores all over the world, and their main stores are in New York. They have fans all across the globe, and now, fans in India just got even closer to the company and their products. It was just announced this week that the mobile and technology giant will open their first store in India. This is good news for everyone there that has been wishing for this day to come from many years.

India is home to over 1.25 billion people, so why it took Apple this long to open a store there is beyond words, but they are well on their way now. Apple is planning to partner with one of India’s retail giants, Croma to make sure that more people in India get access to their products. Their hope is to get an Apple store in several of their Croma stores around the country. The goal is to get at least six of the 97 Croma stores with the new Apple store set up by next month, but regardless of if they meet deadlines or not, people in the area will just be happy to have them there.


The good news is that Apple already has a slight presence in India; this will just make them more prevalent. With technology and mobile phones increasing every day, it is only smart to go to a country that has a large population, and one that is eager to have your goods. This year alone, Apple has already sold 1.7 million iPhones to Indians which is up from 1.1 million the previous year. While these phones have been sold through mobile phone companies, this will be the first time that Apple sells directly to the consumer in the country.

Everyone around the world loves Apple and it seems that their popularity is not going to diminish anytime soon. With that, it only makes sense that they enter a country with a growing economy and people who are willing to pay for their high quality products. Apple will make their way to other countries around the world, there is no doubt, but for now, showing up in India is a great next step on their path to smartphone and technological innovation success. This is great news for everyone there who loves Apple as much as the world does.

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