Great News Another Saison The vampire Diaries 7

Great News Another Saison The vampire Diaries 7


Elena Gilbert said goodbye in the Saison finale of The Vampire Diaries Saison 6 because she preferred to leave the series. It was announced that Mystic Falls has changed after the disappearance of the young woman. What will happen to Damon, Stefan and their friends?

Here is a picture of Nina saying goodbye to her vampire Diaries family :


The Vampire Diaries 7 will mark a major turning point in the series. After the departure of Elena, the team should focus on the Salvatore brothers. Paul Wesley spoke about this matter.

The younger Salvatore, Paul Wesley, said about the departure of his co-star Nina Dobrev and also about The Vampire Diaries Saison 7. “I regret the departure of the pretty actress”. “There are of course plenty of nostalgia, the series will never be the same”, He confided in an interview with People magazine. Paul Wesley confessed that he does not know enough about how the team will treat the new saison of The Vampire Diaries Saison 7. He said “I have no idea what they want to do next year, literally. Apparently, they have a plan, but I do not know what it is so far”. This will really be interesting. It will be interesting to see what they imagine for the two brothers.

Although the actor is sad to see Elena Gilbert leave, he still glad for his friend career plans. He said “I know she is really happy. I know she wants to do something else and start a new chapter in her life, which is quite normal”. As for the duration of the series, Paul Wesley believed that the end of The Vampire Diaries is very close. He said “I think everything has to end one day or the other. Besides I play a 17 year old boy while I’m 32. So if I remained in the series for another three years, I would have 35 years to play someone of 17, it’s more than the double. “. One thing is certain, We can’t wait to see him in saison 7.