Google to Provide Free Wi-Fi to 400 Indian Railways

Google to Provide Free Wi-Fi to 400 Indian Railways

Talking about Google, it has always been more than a search engine. There is no doubt that Google is now the literal part of many people’s lives now. From the chrome to the apps, from the apps to the Gmail, Google is almost everywhere. The true meaning of the internet is perfectly described by the Google now. Over the past few years, Google has managed it perfectly to make it more than essential for its users, it’s like a buddy for its users. Easing the lives of its users is what makes Google keep going on and staying on the top.

Since June, the news was in the air of Google to provide free Wi-Fi to several places across the globe, this is not only for its advertisement (well Google doesn’t need any at this point) but also it will make the user experience much friendly. Who will not love free Wi-Fi? It’s like giving away free chocolate lava cakes. Not only this, but Google is also making plans to provide free mobile charging services at different public location, now what else can you ask for? Free Wi-Fi with your phones complete battery, nothing is more amazing than this.


After providing free Wi-Fi in New York, and other countries of the world, Google is all set to introduce the free Wi-Fi services on 400 railways stations in India.  This will result in making the train journeys enjoyable than ever, no extra bills and with this feature one can surely make better use of the Google maps. This service will be introduced with the collaboration of Indian railways.

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For providing the free Wi-Fi Google will use the Fiber Project, which was also used for providing the broadband service in the USA. It will provide high speed internet connect free for everyone at the railways stations.

After this, this service will be expanded to other cities, and will go under the name of Project Nilgiri. Now Indian railways are working with several tech giants, to set up the Wi-Fi hot spots across the selected railways station, to make this project come to physical stats as soon as possible.

According to news, the people can enjoy the free intent at full speed for first hour, and after it the speed will be reduced, and will keep reducing. The good News is that the connection will be stable. The first phase of this project will take place in the first 4 months. Now you can ever come up with an excuse of not completing your assignments next time, you can watch your favorite shows, and stay updated through social media all the time while you are travelling.

The dream of Modi to make India Digital India is now putting its first step for being real, and with the collaboration of Google it will be no doubt a big swing. Let’s look forward to what will be brought next to India, and what will be the next update from Google now.

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